Our Industry Specialties

    We understand that depending on the type, size or location of your business, you will have different needs. Regardless of your make up, we’ll provide you with solutions and support that you need.


    Spanning a broad range of professions and industries, our relationships with specialised insurers, underwriting agencies, surveyors, valuers and loss adjusters allow us to provide the most comprehensive and competitive premiums for your key industries.


    With over 100 years combined experience across national and international corporate markets our knowledgeable team has the skills to accurately identify, mitigate, transfer or eliminate risk from our client’s balance sheet.

    Associations and Franchises

    With over 10 exclusive partners across many industries, we understand the challenges associations and franchises can face in the logistics of an insurance package solution. We therefore provide full training along with a designated help line for these business owners, their members and franchises

    Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

    Get your business covered in a way that gives you the best outcome at competitive prices. We assign you with a contact that works on your behalf, negotiating the best insurance packages across a multitude of insurers.

    Workers Compensation

    We know and understand current legislation, claims management, occupational health and safety, legal support and premium calculations per state – so with us, businesses get a quality service that aids in reducing the costs of workers compensation. By representing our clients and not the insurer, we ensure that all claims are reviewed, managed and settled in a timely manner reducing the resource output and pressure on our clients and their business operations.